How to become a Travel Agent

So you want to become a travel agent? The first question you have to ask yourself is “What kind of travel agent do I want to be?”

Want to sell cruises? You can do that. Want to specialize only in luxury cruises or small river cruises? You can do that, too! Hate cruising and want to sell tours instead? You can do that. Want to specialize only in tours to France or Italy? Want to sell tours only for the disabled or to religious groups? You can do all those things, too! Specializing actually helps you be more successful… so find what it is you know and enjoy and begin selling!

The best part about all these travel agent jobs? You can do them from home!

To be truly successful as a home-based travel agent, you need to arm yourself with insider knowledge about how the travel industry really works. You will find that knowledge with our team of travel specialists, sharing knowledge and helping each other succeed.

Why Join Our Agency?

No Membership Fee – No cost to join like most other agencies taking on outside agents.
Customer Service – We are service-oriented, to both the client and our outside agents.
Technology – Our Back Office Suite helps manage clients, tour operators, commission and more.

Earning Potential – The more you book, the more you make… earn based on experience and motivation.

Discount Travel for YOU – Take advantage of discounted travel (FAM or familiarization trips) to learn more – and sell more.

Training & Development

Whether you are new to the travel industry and wanting part-time income … or an experienced agent looking to start your own home-based business, we are here to to ensure your success.

Not only do we help our agents with destinations they may not be familiar with but we ensure you are aware of online courses based on your interests but we also notify you when FAMs become available for first-hand travel experience.

No matter what, we’re here for every agent regardless of experience.