Thanks Heather for all you did for us! We will definetly call you for our next trip and recommend you to everyone we know. We had a great time!

Annette (June 2013)



Hi Heather, thank you so very much for everything!!!  It was the most fabulous trip we have ever had.  I cannot say enough about how well you set us up and how great the resort was.  The toughest decision to make was to hit the pool bar or beach bar!  I have raved about you to all of my friends and have passed out your contact information to some of them looking to set trips us.  I hope they bring their business to you

Tom (Sept 2013)

Hi Chris,

Sorry, it took so long to get back to you about our trip. We couldn’t have had a better time. The weather was so perfect the whole time. It was actually hot in London and our first two days in Paris. They were setting records. You must have had good weather in Ireland too.

The hotel in London, My Place Hotel, had a really good location because it was basically right next to the Earl’s Court Tube stop, but I don’t know if I would recommend it. We had a good room because we were on the top floor. However, we heard some people complaining about the noise from the nightclub that they had in the basement. They were on the third floor and could hear the music until early in the morning. Also, there were a lot of restaurants in the area. We covered all the main sights in London, even went up to Abbey Road. I would recommend getting the Oyster Card. One of our highlights was the tour of the state rooms in Buckingham Palace. I arranged this before we left home, and my husband just kind of rolled his eyes when I told him about it, but he was really impressed. We never made it to a West End show, I guess because the weather was so nice even the evenings. We just walked around and enjoyed all the sights and the parks. The last day we took a tour that went to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. It was a beautiful day, but not enough time at Windsor and Bath. Oh, I guess I would have to say if I had to choose the worst experience was the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. We got there an hour early and people were already three deep at the fence and once it began there was quite a bit of pushing and trying to crowd in front of you. What we could see was so repetitive.The police on the horses kept reminding you to watch for pick pockets.I think every tourist in London was there. We ended up leaving before it was over.

We loved Paris. I would recommend the Excelsior Latin Hotel. It was very clean and the bathroom had just been remodeled. The beds were kind of short. We had three singles, but it was ok. The hotel had a lot of character. The only thing that may be a problem for some people is the lift. It is very tiny, one person one suitcase only. We didn’t mind because we just took the stairs all the time. We loved the location. You could walk to Notre Dame in about five minutes and the Louvre in under fifteen. There was a RER metro stop close by where you could catch the C line and go just about anywhere without having to transfer, and it was an easy trip to Versaille. Also, the Panthron and Luxembourg Gardens were very close to the hotel. We really liked the Latin Quarter. We felt safe walking around at night. There were countless restaurants with outdoor seating and bars very close to the hotel with reasonable prices and friendly waiters. We found the people at the hotel very helpful and friendly. I hadn’t been to Paris before and had heard the French people were not very patient or friendly with Americans. We didn’t have any bad experiences. In fact, I think some people went out of the way to help us. We didn’t run into very many other Americans, most were European tourists. It was hard to pick a favorite in Paris. Notre Dame was impressive, and we arrived in Paris on Sunday and got to experience a soloist singing. It just filled the whole church. We came back another day and climbed to the top of one of the bell towers. You got a really nice view of the gargoyles and the Latin Quarter. We spent a good part of a day in the Louvre. Of course we went up in the Eiffle Tower and went back at night to see the flickering lights.Versaille was much larger than I expected and the grounds went on forever. The museum pass is a good bargain you can even use it at Versailles. The only thing that would fit in the least liked category is if you are in Paris during the first part of the week and the first Monday of the month you have to work around that most of the museums Napoleon’s Tomb and Versaille are closed on Monday. The Louvre is closed on Tuesday. I had read about this before we left, but if you weren’t aware you could waste some time showing up and not being able to get in.

You are probably aware of a lot of this information. I just wanted to thank you for arranging this trip for us. It was a really great experience. I had to look up Slan Abhaile,To bid good bye while traveling home.

Thank you again.
Debbie M.

Debbie M., Highlands Ranch, CO, Europe Independent Package

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Mr. John Anderson, Designer

Hi Chris,

Our trip was absolutely amazing! All of our accommodations were fantastic- we loved getting to know the families at each B&B. We were comfortable and more than satisfied with each choice of location and B&B, hotel, castle. The car was great, too!

Thank you so much for all your assistance! We had such a good time and were able to see SO many things in a manageable time frame. I cannot wait to go back!

Thanks again,
Lauren D., Indiana

Lauren D, Ireland Self Drive