Discount and FREE Travel

Each week we field dozens of emails and phone calls from prospective clients looking to get into the travel business, mainly because they like to travel and want to be able to travel at a discount or travel for free. We all want that but when we explain how travel works, folks typically opt for group travel rather than putting in the work and energy needed to

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become a successful travel agent.

Travel Agent Discounts

Travel agents don’t travel for free and the travel discounts dwindle each year, making the perks of being a travel agent very few. With margins just 5-10%, that is the typical discount for qualified travel agents these days however a few resorts and tours will advertise off-season “FAM” (familiarization) tours which are discounted nicely but random.

Airlines no longer pay commission on airfare and there are many “non-commissionable” fees on cruises, leaving travel agent discounts minimum. I can’t remember the time I received free travel as a travel agent.

So, travel agents do what they do because they love to travel and share their knowledge of travel with others… not because of the discounts and free travel.

Group Discount and Free Travel

After we explain the profit margins on travel and the low-discounts, people who are only in this for the discounts are not interested in becoming a travel agent due to the work required: countless price quotes for clients that don’t book; continuing education online and course work for certification; writing about their personal travels and documenting their favorite recommendations for future clients.

For those strictly looking for discount travel or free travel, we offer two options: talk about gathering their friends, family and co-workers for some group travel or Travel Review Club for those who travel often on their own.

Whether it is a European Tour, Caribbean or Mexican Resort or a Hawaiian Cruise, tour operators and travel companies offer group travel rates which includes a discounted rate for everyone as well as a free space depending on the size of the group.

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You may have to book 8 cabins on a cruise to receive a free cabin but those with lots of friends, that is rarely a problem. While the free space usually varies by tour company and vacation type, we will help you navigate that as well as offer suggestions on how to organize your group. If you are local, we are also available to host a group travel night to answer questions for those interested in going. As the group leader you do have to manage your group to get the discount and free

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If you are an avid traveler and want to travel at a discount, we offer our Travel Review Club which pays you to write a review any trip booked with us. You do the research as you would normally and bring us any vacation package to book on your behalf and we will pay you for your travel review based on the commission we recieve. We charge a nominal annual administration fee however our clients earn that back with their first review!

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